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Support for Veterans of the Armed Forces within the Criminal Justice System

The new Live at Ease service has been commissioned to provide early Intervention support for Health and Social needs which can lead to helping reduce re-offending. It is available to anyone having left the Armed Forces having served one day or more and finds themselves within the Criminal Justice System under the following circumstance

  • At Arrest
  • In Court
  • On Probation
  • In Prison

Latest news...

New project for Live At Ease - 9/06/2014

Ixion Holdings Limited is delighted to announce a new funding stream for its Veteran’s service “Live At Ease”. The new service commissioned by NHS England as a 12 month pilot will have a remit of Early Intervention within the Criminal Justice system focussing on Custody Suites and Courts. The project has already commenced across Cheshire and will go live across Lancashire from Early June. This work builds on the hugely successful North West pilot project commissioned in April 2012 by the NHS which was available to any Veteran of the Armed Forces and their family members and did include a Criminal Justice Element.

Live at Ease will collaborate with existing Partners within the Custody Suites and provide a Wrap Around service ensuring that the needs of each individual are managed with the appropriate Outcomes. Our role is not to duplicate but to augment existing services and work with all agencies. The service will have appropriate Governance through the management of the Contract from NHS England and will work with several Military Charities as well as Statutory and Voluntary Services in providing the very best of available Interventions. 

The pilot is one element of a range of services currently being commissioned by NHS England to support the overall “Transformation and Rehabilitation of Offenders  Agenda” and specifically focussing on the Veteran as a unique and  key group of people. Live at Ease will encourage all agencies to establish the principle of “Asking the Question” within all Assessment procedures to ascertain an individuals service within the Armed Forces. It is envisaged that through providing a One Point of Access into support services, managing the case journey and ensuring positive engagement and outcomes this will form part of a positive process in reducing re-offending.

The pilot will operate for 12 months and will feed into future initiatives which Commissioners will evaluate when the new Criminal Justice Operating structures are in place mid 2015.

If anyone would like to discuss the delivery model or require any further information on this project please contact

How will it help?

Liaison and Diversion

The new contract is specific in supporting the Liaison and Diversion initiative which supports those arrested under suspicion of committing an offence by the Police Authorities.

Live at Ease will work closely with the existing Custody Suite Agencies, Police , Probation , Legal teams, Health Professionals and Courts to Assess  the  Health and Social needs of Individuals which may impact on their offending behaviors. The Assessment will provide key information prior to sentencing which may better inform the judicial process.

The key Interventions supported will be:-
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Legal Support
  • Debt and Finance
  • Family Matters
  • Welfare and Benefits
  • Health and Wellbeing including Mental Health and Learning Disabilities
  • Substance Misuse